Area of use

Stainless steel, aluminium, glassflake, painted surfaces and more.

Without toxins

Can be released into the sea without harming the environment.

Environmentally friendly

Our products are 100% biodegradable and environmental friendly.

Cost efficient

A very cost efficient alternative to traditional cleaning methods.

Why you should use Valhall products?

All Valhall products are cost efficient, environmentally friendly and highly effective. The products have numerous applications. They are very effective in removing corrosion, salts and sediments, humus, calcium, shells, weed, algea, lime, barnacles and other deposits.


Before & after cleaning of rust stain with Gel (Maersk Innovator 2016).

The products are also highly effective for cleaning stainless steel surfaces. It is an effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional etching.

Before & after, pictures taken from Ivar Aasen, 2016.

Certified green and effective cleaning solutions

The gels work well on stainless steel as an alternative to acid washing or for removing light to medium corrosion as an alternative to sandblasting.

Alternatively, using Valhall’s CleanFluid (Cons) products, objects can be dipped in a tray as one would with conventional cleaner, and rinsed with water. The Cons are particularly effective for flushing closed piping systems, such as cooling or heating pipes.

Valhall’s GreenCons and GreenGel are non-toxic, using only ingredients on the HOCNF’s Pose Little or No Risk (PLONOR) list and thus certified as GREEN HOCNF. They can therefore be used in drinking water systems. Moreover, they do not harm plastic, gaskets or paint, making them suitable for painted surfaces, aluminium, stainless steel, concrete or other sensitive materials.

Concrete benefits

  • Certified as environment-friendly and biodegradable according to European regulations, Valhall’s products are safe for use on various exteriors, including sensitive surfaces.
  • The cleaning gels and fluids are easy to apply.
  • Being non-toxic, they can be disposed directly to sea with no adverse effects.

Read more here: The Explorer (funded by allocations from the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment and the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries.)



Our partner for World Wide distributors of our products through their Interplus brand.


Preservations experts performing services World Wide. Our partner for cleaning & flushing services using our certified green products.

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