Without toxins

Can be released into the sea without harming the environment.

Environmentally friendly

Our products are 100% biodegradable and environmental friendly.

Cost efficient

A very cost efficient alternative to traditional cleaning methods.

All Valhall products are 100 % biodegradable and completely free of toxins

The products are therefore suitable for use in drinking water systems. We can offer products certified as both green and yellow according to HOCNF regulations. The products may therefore be released directly into the sea or drain. Collection and/or disposal of the products is not necessary.


The main products consist of our Cleanfluids serie containing Valhall CleanCons, Valhall GreenCons Valhall UltraCons and Odin Cons, and our CleanGel series containing a gelled variation of these called Valhall CleanGel, Valhall GreenGel, Valhall UltraGel and Odin Gel. Our products have numerous applications. They are especially effective in removing corrosion, salts and sediment, humus, calcium (shells, weed, barnacles), etc.

Our experience with the products for cleaning stainless steel surfaces is very good. It is an effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional etching.

In connection with our acquisition of Odin Solutions AS, we now also have the rights of the trademark Odin Solutions and the products Odin Cons and Odin Gel.

Valhall has a close cooperation with International Paint, AkzoNobel. They are our partner and distributor World Wide branded as a part of their INTERPLUS series.

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