Valhall NGP AS is a Norwegian based company with headquarters in Bergen

We produce environmentally friendly chemicals for a wide range of applications. Our products can, among other things, be used as chemical pretreatment and as effective and environmentally friendly alternatives to sandblasting. As a detergent the products will remove calcium, salts, humus, and magnetite in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Valhall is located in Bergen

The product range consists of CleanFluids and GleanGels. At the current time there are four main products that have similar usage areas, Valhall CleanCons, Valhall CleanGel and Odin Cons, Odin Gel. All are are 100% free of toxins and 100% biodegradable. In addition, we have now developed 2 100% HOCNF green products, Valhall GreenGel & Valhall GreenCons, both with the same effect as the traditional products, but more enviromental friendly.

The people behind Valhall NGP have long and broad experience in the field. We are well acquainted with the market regulations for health, safety, environment and quality assurance, and operate within these requirements on a daily basis. Valhall NGP has chosen to focus on production quality and traceability of our products when they are manufactured. Production takes place in a modern factory where all stages of production are monitored and quality controlled.

Valhall Nordic Green Products

Main Office
Damsgårdsveien 229
5160 Bergen
+47 56 12 61 00 916 488 890


Valhall Nordic Green Products

Head Office Norway
Damsgardsveien 229
5160 BERGEN 916 488 890 | +47 56 12 61 00

Valhall Nordic Green Products

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Valhall Nordic Green Products

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