Questions regarding Gels

  • What is the freezing point for the gels?
    “The freezing point for the Gels is minus 2 degrees. For transport or short time storage, the gels can withstand down to minus 18 degrees. The gels will then freeze to a slush, but will regain its properties when thawed.”
  • At what temperature ranges can Valhall Gels be used under?
    “The Lowest recommended temperature is 8 degrees Celsius. Products can be used up to 50 degrees on steel or surroundings. Direct sun should then be avoided. At temperatures more than 30 Celsius, its recommended to increase the thickness of the gel to 5-700 microns to avoid dryout of gel.”
  • What is the difference between the different GEL products

    Valhall CleanGel and Odin Gel has the same area of use and has the same effect. Shall be used the same way. Both certified as HOCNF Yellow. Valhall GreenGel has the same effect and will be used the same way as both Odin Gel and Valhall CleanGel. Only difference is the environment classification. Valhall GreenGel is certified HOCNF 100% Green.

    Valhall UltraGel is more efficient than the other Gels, but contains much more phosphoric acid then CleanGel and OdinGel.

  • What brands are you selling?

    We are offering the following GEL products: Valhall CleanGel, Valhall GreenGel, Valhall UltraGel and Odin Gel.

    The following CONS products are available: Valhall CleanCons, Valhall GreenCons, Valhall UltraCons og Odin Cons.

  • Does Valhall Gels remove oil, grease and similar?
    Valhall Gels does not remove oil, grease and similar. Areas with this contamination should be cleaned with a suitable detergent before Valhall Gel is applied.
  • What is the theoretical cover of Valhall Gels per m2.
    Normal use will be 0,4 - 0,5 litre per m2.  For easy cleaning, it will be 0,2 - 0,3 litre per m2. If Gel is exposed to direct sunlight and high temperatures, a thicker layer should be used, alternative to cover the exposed area.
  • Does Valhall Gels have corrosion protective properties?
    Valhall Gels has no corrosion protective properties, it just removes the corrosion and does not protect from new corrosion.
  • What is the different packing sizes available for the Gel?
    Valhall Gels is available in 1000 L IBC container, 25 L & 5 L UN approved plastic cans.
  • Does Valhall Gels remove other contaminations than corrosion?
    Yes. Valhall Gels removes salts, humus, calcium, magnetite, barnacles, concrete remains and others. 
  • Can Valhall Gels be used on all materials/surfaces?

    Valhall Gels can be used on most surfaces, carbon steel, painted surfaces, plastic, aluminium, rubber, GPR, gaskets etc. It is recommended to always perform a test on a small area before applying on a lagre scale.

    The exception is galvanized surfaces, metalized surfaces with zinc and surfaces with zincethylsilicate. Valhall Gels is NOT advised to use on these surfaces.

  • Can Valhall Gels be used on stainless steel?
    Valhall Gels is well suited to remove contamination on stainless steel. It may be an alternative to traditional acid washing. It is recommended to always perform a test on a small area before applying on a lagre scale.
  • Can Valhall Gels be thinned?
  • How to remove Valhall Gels?
    Valhall Gels is removed most efficiently by use of HP hot water, 300-500 bar. Less pressure and temperature can be used, but is not as effective. 
  • How long must the Gel stay on the surface to remove corrosion?
    Light corrosion will need approximately 12 hours. Medium may need 24 hours. If severe corrosion, the treatment may need to be repeated and/or other methods to be considered.
  • How to apply Valhall Gels?
    Valhall Gels is recommended to be applied by HP pump (regular paint pump) to achieve the recommended thickness. Smaller areas can be applied by brush/roller, make sure an even and correct thickness is achieved.

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